Lightning D1 - Clincher Disk Wheel


Introducing the next step in road disk evolution:  The TLR Lightning D1!

Disk wheels are growing in popularity for serious Triathletes and TT riders so are the natural choice for the ultimate wheel set.

Disk wheels give an immediate performance increase. 
Almost 10 years of feedback and experience shows an average 1.5 - 2.5 km/h speed increase over our 80mm rear wheel.
In a 40km race this equates to between 1 and 3 minutes faster bike ride ...and this makes a significant difference to your results !.  

The TLR D1 Clincher Disk features a fast, flat sided disk and are 25mm wide. 
They are available in rim or disk brakes and with the outline or shadow logos.

The disk wheel can be matched with your existing front wheel or we can help design a lethal race combo to perfectly suit you and your needs. 

Tubular disk versions are available as a special order.

Description & Features

Rims: Full carbon disk 
Brake track: High temperature brake surface. (on rim brake models)
Hubs: DT Swiss
Cassette Body:  Shimano 8.9.10. 11sp. / Campagnolo 9.10.11sp.
Weight: 1250g +/-20g,
Additional parts: Titanium skewer,
High performance Swissstop brake pads.



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