TLR Community

The TLR Community has been set up to bring together people interested in sporting activities so they can compete with like-minded people in sporting events as a part of the TLR team. The TLR Community runs through a sometimes active Facebook group where TLR team event entries and training suggestions are discussed.

 The TLR Community is not intended to be a training / coaching squad, although we encourage sharing of experiences and training tips. We also expect there will be members of the group interested in joining with others for training rides and runs and we encourage this.

For athletes who wish to take their training and performance to the next level we will partner with and refer to local clubs and coaching organisations for your chosen sport. See some of these on the Partners page

TLR Community Facebook group:

TLR Community website including event calendar:


TLR and the TLR Community are proud to be affiliated with the following sporting clubs and businesses