TLR Race Wheel Rental

For your next race, race like a Pro on a set of superlight carbon race wheels!!

Regardless of who you are and what level of performance you produce on race day, you always want to go harder and finish stronger, don't you?
From sprint triathlons through to Ironman, time trials and road races you would be very excited to go faster and expend less energy, thanks to something as simple as a set of wheels.

TLR race wheels are amongst the lightest on the market offering substantial performance improvements with a reasonable price tag.

Even with a reasonable price tag a set of carbon wheels is still a substantial investment and TLR Race Wheel Rental gives you an opportunity to use great wheels on race day for a fraction of the retail price.

Why rent a set of race wheels?

  • Increased performance
  • Postpone the financial outlay for a set of race wheels
  • Try before you buy *
  • Your bike will look great with carbon wheels!!

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